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i'm not leaving just yet. 01-26-06 21:21
So I know I haven’t kept in contact with many people on here and I know there are those who I need and want to see more and then those who I hangout with more than I could ever have imagined. I love all of you guys!!! I miss a lot of you too.

I guess I will give you a little update? Well, I’ve been working a lot at Pizza Schmizza…and am a supervisor, just got a .50 cent raise and don’t really care what people think about me working at a pizza place…IT’S BOMB!!! (and we are hiring right now). Haha.
Anyway…I have also been going to a lot of shows and partying/hanging out with as many people I can. But recently I have gotten a little bored with everything here. I’ve been thinking about it all a lot and have decided that the best thing for me right now is to get away from everything and kinda “start over” I guess. Not completely start over…I’ll take all the good things with me and keep all of the same friends but I will just be a little longer of a car ride away.
But don’t worry, it will be a few more months…I mean, I wouldn’t just up and leave without finishing up here and saying some long goodbyes. In about 4 months I plan on still being myself but I just wont be here, I’ll be in Corvallis. See…it’s not that far and no matter what I will still find ways to see all of you!

So come here and give me some sugar, Sugar and let’s get the best in right now.
eeeekk 12-08-05 08:38
i'm sooooo happy....i'm going to corvallis today!
Stay. 12-05-05 17:44
Until we know what is to come,
Let's just go with right now,
Only we can say were done,
And we’re never stepping down.
11-25-05 21:30
party at my house!!!! call if you wanna come over.

? 11-16-05 08:02
what am i doing whith my life?
is there a God? 11-01-05 13:03
i really don't know...i'm not too sure.

i was driving around today with Carla instead of going to class at MHCC, we were right by clackamas town center adn my car the intersection.


now i am at home, pissed off, no car and sober.

wahtever...i'm gonna go make some t-shirts with this cool screen printing shit i got for my b-day.

later kids.

and good luck with life and all the shit that goes with it.
Birthday Bitches! 10-26-05 19:08
i'm having a birthday party this friday...if you are interested let me know and i will give you the info.
charles 10-23-05 23:14
-here's to you man.
and to everyone else...

10-23-05 12:32
holly shit...i'm am so gone. and i mean sleepy. this weekend has been fun.

the past two nights i haven't gotten to sleep until 5am, then i have to get up at 8ish. yeah.

but it was all fun and mostly i am happy about that.

well, today is the third year anniversary of Charles Loftus-Cole's death so i need to get some sleep because i am going out tonight for him.

arg, shit! 10-22-05 02:51
my lungs feel like they are going to die!!!
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